FWCOSMETICS Blend & Set beauty sponge.
Water-drop shaped soft makeup sponge for easy blending of makeup base.

The 3-in-1 makeup blend & set sponge features three distinct surfaces that enable you to optimise and tailor your makeup application. 

The rounded sides effortlessly blend large areas of the face with a 'stippling' action, whilst the precision tip perfectly conceals blemishes and targets smaller areas. The flat edge can be used to professionally blend foundation and concealer in the contours around the eyes and nose for a bright, highlighted base. 

Ideal for powder, cream and liquid makeup products.

Achieve high performance results with a professionally smooth, blended finish. The sponge is latex-free.

Blend & Set Beauty Sponge

    • Dampen the sponge before use to avoid excess product being used. 
    • Lightly "bounce" the sponge on the skin for coverage.
    • Use the stright side for under eye coverage and/or setting powder.
    • Clean after use to avoid bacteria build up. 
  • Synthetic latex sponge

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